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N O I S E is out now!

N O I S E (2022) delves into the soundscape of daily life and reflects upon noise as a defining characteristic of modern urban living. The 75-minute audiovisual suite seamlessly blends live musical performances with synchronised video, as well as jazz and electronic influences.

Describing her creative journey, Bruna Matić shared, "With this project, I wanted to delve into the concept of noise – something we encounter every day, yet often overlook. N O I S E allowed me to examine the various facets of noise, its impact on us, and its representation as both a disruptive force and a source of inspiration."

The project has received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. Music critic Hrvoje Horvat praised it as a "brilliant audiovisual fireworks display by a young jazz virtuoso." Zlatko Gall described N O I S E as "further evidence of the ever more dynamic, high-quality, and exciting Croatian jazz scene, with a new generation of musicians unafraid to cross genre boundaries and limitations."

N O I S E is not just a performance; it is an immersive exploration of sound, visuals, and emotions that promises to captivate audiences and offer them a fresh perspective on the world of noise that surrounds us.

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