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Bruna Matic


Professional drummer, composer & educator

Bruna Matić is one of the most exciting drummers and composers on today's jazz and electronic scene. Having started playing the drums at the age of seven, she has fostered a love for music from an early age. After getting her bachelor's degree from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria and a master's degree from Codarts University in Rotterdam, she moved back to her home country of Croatia and started her journey as a professional drummer, composer, arranger and educator.

Bruna is currently leading her own band, with whom she has released two albums: Two Weeks After Midnight (2019) and N O I S E (2022). Her newest audiovisual project N O I S E explores the effects of noise on human health and the conditions of our modern life and showcases Bruna's interest in hybrid drumming and visual arts.

Bruna also works as a session drummer playing with many Croatian pop artists, such as Nela, Nika Turković, GinaMarija Mirković, as well as jazz artists, such as Miro Kadoić.

She also works as an arranger for the Croatian TV-Radio Jazz Orchestra and teaches in her hometown of Zagreb.

Bruna is the three times winner of the Status award given by the Croatian Musician's Union.

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