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Peti kupe, Zagreb

Noise. It's everywhere. Cars, buses, trams, people. And there's no escaping it. It seems as though we don’t even notice the amount of information that our senses have to process on any given day and at night it doesn’t stop. Even while we’re asleep our brain monitors our environment for threats. And what an amazing environment it is. Big bright lights and billboards, the whirring of cars and speeding motorbikes, sirens, construction work, tram-tracks screeching and crowds gathering. Our modern life has basically become one big sensory overload, with noise and ads and lights and our overfilled schedules affecting our health in ways that we’re not even aware of. The truth is, sound will always be a part of our environment. Everything that lives moves and everything that moves makes a sound, but our environment is polluted, not with sound but with noise.


26.9. Peti kupe, Zagreb
Past performances

13.8.2023. Festival of Free Music - Murter, Croatia

10.8.2023. Festival JazzIst - Island of Ist, Croatia

13.7.2023. Jazz na Zametu - Rijeka, Croatia

12.7.2023. Jazz is Back! Festival - Grožnjan, Croatia

4.7.2023. Barone Fortress - Šibenik, Croatia

24.6.2023. Multimedia Center of Split - Split, Croatia

9.12.2022. Novi Zagreb Culture Center - Zagreb, Croatia

6.11.2023. Krčma Polanović - Zabok, Croatia

6.10.2023. jazzHR Festival - Zagreb, Croatia



Bruna Matić (1995) was born in Zagreb and started playing the drums at the age of seven. She gained experience playing with various artists in her hometown such as the HGM A Band, Irena Žilić, The Frajle, Croatian TV-Radio Jazz Orchestra and many more.


In 2014 she got her Bachelor of Music degree in jazz drums from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria. In 2020 she graduated with a Master’s degree from Codarts University in Rotterdam.


Upon returning to Croatia she started working with notable artists, such as Nela, Nika Turković and Gina Damjanović. She also works with the Croatian TV-Radio Jazz Orchestra as an arranger and works as a drum instructor.


As a bandleader she has released two albums. ‘’Two Weeks After Midnight’’ in 2019 and ‘’N O I S E’’ in 2022 N O I S E is an audiovisual suite which, through a combination of jazz and electronic music, talks about the noise that we’re constantly surrounded by in our modern urban environment, as well as the noise within us.


Bruna is a two time winner of the ‘’Status’’ award for jazz drums given by the Croatian Musicians’ Union.

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